Magloire (Paul Hamy) is a man on a journey to nowhere, or more accurately, Nowhereland. He lives at night, on the run, stumbling onto a dying man and thence into the clutches of a menacing band of gangsters. His face looks innocent, but he is a pragmatic executioner. At first merely held hostage, he is soon an accomplice. A heist goes wrong. The gang, along with their molls, board a phantom cargo ship. They carry a heavy box, a troublesome legacy of their heist: enough polonium to, likely, destroy all of humanity.

In the empty, rock-strewn landscape of the New Mexico desert, a meteorite pierces through the cloudy sky. It hits the ground in billows of dust.  Just where it has made impact, a treacly black ooze spreads over an abandoned magazine, absorbing its imagery.  On the front cover, a picture of a famous adult entertainer, Julianna (Lauren Ashley Carter).  Her hair is in long curls; she wears a negligé.

South London, City lights in the distance. The crepuscular gloom envelops a man felled by loss, drink and impending homelessness. Jimmy McCabe is losing his home as a number of Londoners now do, through building redevelopment schemes which gut neighbourhoods of their old communities. He has nowhere to go, and no loved ones. Yet this is a quietly exhilarating film, visually beautiful, and at times nerve-rackingly exciting.