I am a writer, filmmaker, and Exec Coach. My background is in broadcast documentary (as a producer/director) and in finance (as a specialist deal structurer).

I spent many years working at the BBC and followed that with a long stint at one of the two largest European financial institutions.

As a coach, I work with creative and finance professionals in varied organisational set-ups – with sole traders, partners in professional firms, and employees of organisations that range from the very small to the global.

I am especially interested in leadership, and in empowering clients to exercise this quality creatively and resourcefully – whatever their position – so they can work purposefully towards realising their potential.

As a writer, I contribute to a number of film publications which include MovieMarker, ScenesJournal, and MyFilmClub, and take part in script development.

Kinefile.com is a selection of my film writing, originally published elsewhere.

I am available for commissions and can be contacted via Twitter @NadjaBee. For Coaching, you can DM me on Twitter or on LinkedIn.